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Auto Injuries Rehab

Auto-Accidents are said to happen every 5 seconds in the United States and these figures continue to rise. Victims of auto-accidents usually suffer from skeletal, muscular, neurological and soft-tissue injuries which are not detectable initially as they do not cause much pain. So the victims ignore them and do not seek professional treatment. This causes the biggest blunder. With auto-accident injuries, immediate and specialized treatment is needed to avoid developing long term discomfort and chronic pain. A pro-active Physical Therapy treatment and Rehabilitation plan can save the victims from surgical interventions and long term reliance on medications as well.

Physical Therapy modalities while conditioning your muscles and bones also help to alleviate pain and relieve the debilitating effects of auto-accident injuries. Vehicular injuries often develop the symptoms like; back pain, whiplash, fatigue, headache, muscle-spasms, nausea, neck pain, tendinitis, shoulder pain, problems with vision, dizziness etc. Physical Therapists are experts at diagnosing, evaluating and treating these injuries. They re-align your vertebrae and help to restore your lost structural balance and treat soft tissue injuries with customized rehabilitation program.

Various structural evaluation techniques including; X-rays, Spinal Joint Movement Evaluation, Gait and Postural Analysis, Joint Range-of Motion Testing, Strength and Reflex Evaluation, CAT or CT scan and MRI are conducted and adopted to detect and correct various musculoskeletal injuries.  Physical Therapy is mainly directed towards maximizing the motion of spine, curing spinal disc, alleviating muscle spasm and improvising the muscular strength. Following Physical Therapy modalities are used to treat auto-accident injuries:

  • Hands-On Therapy and therapeutic equipments are used for the vestibulo-ocular rehabilitation of the victims.
  • Corrective exercises are used to stretch and strengthen the damaged muscles.
  • Range-of Motion exercises are prescribed to improvise function and mobility
  • Spinal Decompression therapy is employed to relieve back pain due to herniated disc or Sciatica
  • Therapeutic exercises targeting and strengthening the joints are suggested.

So if you have been a victim of vehicular accident and sustained a musculoskeletal injury and want to get relief without pain-killers and surgical interventions, then Physical Therapy is the most influential treatment available.

Contact Alliance Physical Therapy for the skilled and prompt treatment of auto-accident injuries. Our board certified therapists are specialized in diagnosing, treating and managing auto-accident whiplash injuries and have helped numerous patients to recover successfully from whiplash.