Did you get up this morning  with a stiff  painful  neck?

Are you ready to be completely cured of neck pain forever?

If fair enough, then you must appoint a physiotherapist. Physical Therapy is the best and cost effective solution for neck pain.One of the supplest regions of the spine is the neck (cervical) region, which consists of vertebrae, seven shock-absorbing discs, muscles, and vertebral ligaments to clutch them in consign. The primary cervical disc connects the top of the spinal column to the bottom of the skull. The spinal cord, which sends nerve impulses to each part of the body, runs through a canal in the cervical vertebrae and continues all the way down the spine. Pain in the cervical area can cause arm pain as well as the “ache in the neck.”


Several physical therapists prefer ice (cold therapy) because of its efficiency in diminishing pain and tenderness. Heat (heat therapy) also provides release to some people, but should be used with care because it can sometimes make an inflamed region inferior. Apply warmth or ice for 15-20 minutes at a moment, and give yourself a 40-minute break among applications. Treatments may comprise manual therapy, ultra sound, cervical traction, TENS, exercises, myofacial release.

How Physical Therapy Can Help With Neck Pain?

Physical therapy always begins with a complete history and valuation of the trouble. Your physical therapist will take many things into story, including your age, general health, work, and way of life. If major strain or disease is concerned, your physical therapist will work with you in discussion with a physician.